Hard cross between Gustavo Petro und General Zapateiro

Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate generated a heated meeting via social media between General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, the head of the Army as well as the candidate for the country's first position by the Historic Pact. Petro declared that a number of (generally) officers were "on the payroll of the Clan."

https://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2022/05/29/gustavo-petro-guerrillero-m-19-historia-orix-2/ "While the soldiers die at the hands of the Gulf Clan; some of the generals on the payroll of the Clan are also killed," Gustavo Petro stated. They are eventually elevated to the rank of generals." Gustavo Petro, a social network user has stated that the heads of the drug trade are corrupted.

General Zapateiro's response

The Army commander reacted to the message and within six rounds, questioned the presidential candidate.

https://www.eltiempo.com/bogota/luis-ernesto-gomez-reacciones-por-su-llegada-a-campana-de-gustavo-petro-674840 General Zapateiro said, "There is no one more grieved by the loss of a soldier than camouflaged soldiers and their families, but their ultimate sacrifice to the country should not be used in the narratives of political campaigns."

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In another post, the senior officer spoke about the amount of soldiers who have died in recent years. "More than 500 soldiers have been killed or injured since 2021. https://www.dinero.com/empresas/confidencias-on-line/articulo/gustavo-petro-preocupa-a-wall-street/255306 There were no declarations about their sacrifice. It's fascinating that the death of heroes of the fatherland has now caused affliction, and it is used for other indications.

Gustavo Petro was asked by the commander of the army to notify Gustavo Petro about any possible connections between generals and other groups than the law. petro gustavo He should also make a formal complaint to authorities.

petro gustavo "Senator, do not use your investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to try to politicize the death of our soldiers. Instead perform your civic duty by submitting a substantiated complaint to the

@FiscaliaCol of the facts that you mention, whoever it is"" the person who is the general mentioned.

Then, he added a second note: "I remind that senators are part of the same collective as politicians who traffic in drugs." Gustavo Petro I suggest that citizens not make generalizations. First and foremost, respect"

One of the messages from the top official that caused the most controversy is one in which he claims that Colombians have witnessed the current presidential candidate receiving cash "in garbage bags".

"I have never witnessed an official receiving cash that was stolen on TV." General Zapateiro explained that Colombians were familiar with the custom of receiving money in garbage bags.

In a final message, the official said that it was the "oldest institution in the country which has members both men and women have unconditionally been a defender of democracy in this country for more than 200 years, sometimes even sacrificing their lives to defend it, I expect respect."


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